To become a global provider of oil and petrochemical products.
To seek out the most competitive sources of oil and petrochemical products for our customers in a responsible and sustainable manner.
Opportunity alone does not guarantee success.

Opportunity alone does not guarantee success. What it takes is the right people, the right skills, and crucially, the right timing. The Grecian word “Kairos” depicts the opportune or right moment of time. It resonates with the pivotal ingredient of a successful trade – the capturing of the opportune moment, the key difference between success and failure. The first and beginning was seized upon in July 2012 through the formation of Kairos Oil Trading.

Founded by Dr. Michael Ng, the trading team at Kairos consists of likeminded veterans, all of whom possess diversified experience in the oil industry, and the ability to excel both individually and collectively. With a wealth of industry networks and expertise, the team also shares an unwavering commitment to add value to the hydrocarbon supply chain resulting in a win-win formulation for both Kairos and our counterparties.

Testament to the reputation of the team, Kairos has secured credit line facilities from first class international banks and is registered to trade with a large array of national oil companies and oil majors, refineries, trading houses and end users across the global trading platform.

In the first year alone, Kairos generated turnover of over US$600million and moved over 750,000 tonnes of crude and products all over the world. Our stellar performance continued into the second year, where Kairos almost doubled its turnover at over US$1,100 million and moved over 1,500,000 tonnes of crude, petroleum and petrochemical products.


At Kairos, we are strategically positioned to present customers with the latest opportunities across many major markets, backed by our years of specialist insights and competitiveness.