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The team at Kairos consists of likeminded professionals, all of whom possess diverse experience in the oil industry. Besides having a wealth of industry network and expertise, the team also shares an unwavering commitment to add value to the hydrocarbon supply chain resulting in a win-win formula for both Kairos and our counterparties.

As a testament to the reputation of the team, Kairos has secured credit line facilities from first class international banks and is registered to trade with numerous national oil companies, oil majors, refineries, trading houses and end users across the global trading platform. From its incorporation in 2012, it took Kairos less than 2 years to reach an annual turnover of USD1 billion, trading more than 14 million barrels of crude and petroleum products. By the middle of 2023, Kairos had traded more than 40 million tonnes of oil, and reached a total turnover of USD20 billion. Currently, the company has expanded in the region with the incorporation of Malaysian and Hong Kong subsidiaries and has long term plans for establishing subsidiaries in other regions. Kairos also incorporated Sea Swift (Pte Ltd) in 2016 to manage all its chartering requirements using both spot and time charters.

The fossil energy industry has seen great transformation in recent years, with a drive towards cleaner fuels and more sustainable energy sources. Kairos is committed to adapting to such market changes wrought by climate change awareness and to continue to add value to our customers responsibly as the industry transforms.   

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